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Campbellton RV Camping

This Summer, 2017, the City of Campbellton is proud to announce the opening of Campbellton RV Camping. Our RV Resort boasts 86 fully serviced lots nestled along the picturesque Restigouche River. With plenty to see and do you won't soon forget your stay at Campbellton RV Camping.

2017 Season: Open from May 19th to October 2nd


Information and booking

*** Please note tents are not accepted at this time ***

Book a stay with us through our partner Réservation Camping.ca by clicking on their logo below. Please note that this link will take you directly to their website.


For general inquiries, or to book a stay by phone, please call 1- 844 - 787-3701. You can also email us at rvcampingvr@campbellton.org.



Amenties on-site include:

  • All lots fully serviced
  • Wifi
  • Showers
  • Laundry facilities
  • Dumping Station
  • Waterfront walking trail
  • Restigouche River Experience Center

Nearby Attractions







Campbellton RV Camping - Site Plan

1 Riverview Drive

Campbellton, New Brunswick

E3N 0E1


Google maps location


Rates - 2017 Season





30 Amp Waterfront - Pull through
50 Amp Waterfront - Pull through
30 Amp - Pull through
30 Amp - Back in
50 Amp - Pull through
50 Amp - Back in



30 Amp - Seasonal
50 Amp - Seasonal
Electricity - Metered



$11.50 per usage


Washers $2.00
Dryers $2.00
Showers $1 / 15 minutes
*** Tents are not accepted at this time ***
With a stay of 7 consecutive nights, the 7th night is FREE!

All lots include 3 services, Water, Sanitary, Electricity (30 or 50 amps)


Rules and Regulations

In order to ensure a pleasant summer for all of our guests, we ask that you respect the rules that are in place, the campground property as well as your neighbors.


  • The maximum number of persons permitted at an individual campsite is 6 adults.
  • However, the daily rate charged for a campsite is for 4 adults (plus children under 18, if applicable). Additional adults staying at the same campsite will have to pay an extra $5 per night, plus tax (up to a maximum of 6 adults per campsite).

For example:

    • 4 adults, 2 children: Regular rate
    • 6 adults: Regular rate + $10
    • 8 adults: You must book 2 campsites.
  • An individual campsite can hold, at the most, the following equipment combinations, if the site is large enough:
    • One registered RV (bearing a licence plate, i.e.; a trailer)
    • One car, truck or minivan
    • When you reserve your site it is important to include under the tab “equipment size” the length of your RV and the length of your car/truck/minivan separately (unattached).


  • Any excessive noise likely to inconvenience other campers in any way is strictly forbidden at all times. 
  • Motorized vehicles deemed too noisy will be denied access to the campground.
  • Curfew is from 11 pm to 7 am.
  • Any trade or soliciting is forbidden at the campground.
  • Coarse language and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Campers not respecting the rules may be asked to leave without any notice.
  • CN Railway has operations near the campground. CN Railway and the City of Campbellton are not responsible for any noise or inconvenience.
  • Generators are not permitted.


  • Pets must be kept leashed.
  • To avoid repetitive barking, pets cannot be left unattended.
  • No aggressive animals are permitted on the campground.
  • Animals are not permitted inside buildings with the exception of guide dogs. Please notify us upon your arrival if you are accompanied by a guide dog.
  • During your stay at the park, animal excrement must be picked up and disposed of in a sanitary manner. Pet waste bags are available on site.
  • Visitors cannot bring their pet to the campground.


  • Guests are permitted to use a clothesline but it must be taken down when not in use. Under no circumstances are trees, posts or other campground structures to be used as part of a clothesline.
  • Sites are to be kept clean and in order.
  • Smoking is permitted on campground sites.  All other public spaces, tourist and recreational spaces, and playgrounds fall under the New Brunswick Smoke-Free Places Act. Please pay attention to signs and respect instructions.
  • Cigarette butts must be disposed of in an appropriate manner.
  • Utility sheds, patios, patios stones and other fixed structures are not permitted (includes fences, flags, clotheslines, etc.).
  • Fireworks and firecrackers are not permitted.
  • Tents are not permitted.
    • Allowed on site:
      • Pop up campers
      • Travel trailer
      • Hybrid travel trailer
      • Fifth wheel
      • Truck Camper
      • Motorhome
  • Games, activities, sports involving items that may strike individuals or their campers (Frisbee, baseball, etc.) are prohibited.
  • Rifles, pellet guns, bows/arrows are not permitted on the campground for everyone’s security.
  • Cutting, pruning or damaging trees is strictly prohibited.
  • Campers are not permitted to attach items to trees or hang items from trees.
  • Campers are responsible for their visitors; they have to ensure that Campground Rules are followed.


  • Please do not travel throughout the campground with glass containers.


  • Campfires are only permitted in the fire place provided on the site.
  • Do not burn garbage or leave garbage in the fire place.
  • Only wood sold on site can be burned in the fireplace.


  • Each sewerage connection comes with a cap. Please verify that the cap is in place when checking out.
  • Sewage may be disposed of in the sewerage system on the individual campsite or at the dumping station available in the campground. Campers are permitted to use the dumping station free of charge.
  • Disposing of sewerage on the ground is strictly prohibited. All sewer system connections must have an adapter hose.
  • Diapers, sanitary napkins and tampons must not be disposed of in the sewer system. Grease and food should also not be deposited in the sewer system.
  • Do not jam your sewer hose into the inlet as it can prevent flow from other sites and could stop the line.
  • Campers are allowed to wash their trailers on the campsite as long as it does not inconvenience their neighbors.


  • Garbage and recyclables must be disposed of in an appropriate manner in locations identified throughout the campground.


  • Showers and laundry facilities on site are coin operated.  Tariffs are as follows:
    • Showers:  $1 per 15 minutes cycle;
    • Washers:  $2 per load;
    • Dryers:  $2 per load.
  • It is important to keep the shower and laundry areas clean for other campers.
  • Soiled shoes are prohibited in the showers.
  • Shower curtains must be kept closed to avoid excess water on the floors.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the shower and laundry areas.


  • Access to Wifi is free. Methods of utilization will be provided by staff at reception upon your arrival.


  • The maximum permitted speed at the campground is 10 km/hr.
  • Only one vehicle may be parked at an individual campsite, in the area designated for this purpose (except for certain seasonal sites). Any other vehicles, including visitors’ vehicles, must be left in the parking lot at the campground entrance.
  • Parking on vacant lots is not permitted.


  • Electric carts and all-terrain vehicles are not permitted on the campground.
  • Bicycles also have to respect the 10km/h speed on the campground.
  • Bicycles have to be stored at sunset.
  • Travelling across someone’s camp site is not permitted.


  • Campers must vacate their campsites no later than 11 am. If they intend to extend their stay, they must book for the following day(s) by 11 am. If they extend their stay, there is no guarantee they will have the same campsite. Consequently, campground management cannot guarantee the availability of any individual campsite before 11 am.
  • Campers who have booked a campsite in advance have no priority if they decide to extend their stay beyond the nights for which they have already paid.
  • Campers who vacate their campsites in advance for any reason whatsoever are not entitled to any reimbursement.
  • Check-in at 2pm


  • Upon arrival, guests will be provided with 2 cards allowing them access to the park gate.
  • A deposit of $5.00/card is required at check-in.
  • Deposits will be returned at time of check-out provided cards are returned and are undamaged.
  • Gate cards are for your site only; do no use your card to give access to other campers or visitors. 


  • A booking is for one stay (for example, if you book for 3 different stays, you will have 3 separate booking files).
  • Before the campground opens, bookings can only be made via the online booking system at www.campbellton.org.
  • Once the campground has opened, bookings will also be accepted by phone (506) 789-2850 and by e-mail: rvcampingvr@campbellton.org.
  • To confirm a booking, the client must pay the required fee at the time of booking. (See the Booking fees and payment conditions section).
  • Once a booking has been confirmed, the Campbellton RV Park management agrees to hold the booked campsite until 11 am on the day after the client’s scheduled day of arrival. If we have received no notice from the camper by that time, the booking (the entire stay) will be cancelled.


  • The booking fee is $3.50 (plus tax) for reservations of less than $200; this fee is not refundable for any reason.
  • The booking fee is $5.00 (plus tax) for reservations of more than $200; this fee is not refundable for any reason.
  • The fee for cancellations done through the website is $2.50 (plus Tax).
  • When clients book a campsite, either via the secured transaction site or by phone, they must pay the cost of the reservation in full.
  • The following payments types are accepted: Cash, Debit or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovercard).


A booking may be modified for the following reasons:

  • A change in the date of arrival or departure;
  • A change in the length of the stay;
  • A change in the type of equipment used;
  • A change in services
  • A change in the holder of the booking.

Cancellations can be done by phone at (506) 789-2849 or on the web site: www.campbellton.org.

Modifications may only be done by phone at the number indicated above.

Any campsite changes will be accepted, subject to availability, when the modification is requested.

No refunds will be granted for late arrivals or early departures for reasons not related to the Campbellton RV Park.

Clients who have not arrived on their scheduled date of arrival and, who have not notified campground management, will have their booking held until 11 am on the day after the their scheduled day of arrival. The remainder of the reservation will be cancelled without refund and their campsite made available for other bookings after that time.

No refunds will be given for cancellations made within 7 days of the date of the beginning of a stay.

Full refunds will be given for cancellations made more than 7 days of the date of the beginning of a stay (booking fees non-refundable).


  • All rules mentioned in this document apply to seasonal campers.
  • There are 18 seasonal sites.  Some have 2 parking spaces.
  • Seasonal sites are equipped with a meter for electrical consumption; electrical costs are added to the price of a seasonal site (as per rate outlined in contract).
  • Refer to rental contract for additional information.


Campbellton RV Camping is not responsible for any material damage or bodily injury caused to campers and their guests by the following: domestic animals permitted on site, a full or partial interruption of electricity, interruption of water service, sewer backup, falling trees/tree branches, fire, vandalism, lost or stolen items. 

Access to Wifi is offered free of charge. Campbellton RV Camping is not responsible for interruptions, poor functioning, viruses, speed/available capacity of the system and all other problems related to the service and system.

Campers are responsible for their children at all times.

CN Railway has operations near the campground. CN Railway and the City of Campbellton are not responsible for any noise or inconvenience as a result of those operations.

Campbellton RV Camping reserves the right to evict any camper or their guests who are found to be in violation of these rules and/or causing disruption to the campground. Those evicted will not receive a refund.

Campbellton RV Camping reserves the right to change these rules without any prior notification.



76 Water Street, PO Box 100, Campbellton, New Brunswick E3N 3G1
Telephone: 506-789-2700, Tourism: 506-789-2708